Website Design, Development & Maintenance

A website is the backbone of digital marketing for any business. Your website is the first impression most customers have of your business. Your website needs to concisely convey the mission of your business. It must be well designed, visually appealing, professional and functional. Your site is a reflection of your company and your products or services, ultimately our brand.

Website Design

Our designers will collaborate with you in creating a website from scratch or redesigning an existing website. We will utilize design elements, color palettes and typography that will best convey your message and represent your brand to your target audience.

Website Development

Our full-stack web developers will take your website design and actually program the site to your specifications. The developer takes your vision and makes it a digital reality. Many times our designer and developer are one in the same person streamlining this process.

Website Maintenance

All Websites need routine maintenance such as security updates, backups, review of site performance, content updates and SEO review. We include the first year maintenance with all new websites but are also available to perform regular mainenance on any website. Contact us for more information.


Custom designed responsive WordPress websites start at $300 for 3 static pages. Additional pages are approximate $75-125 per page depending on  the  design features requested. E-commerce sites are custom pricing based upon number of products, product ordering variations, subscriptions, etc. The  framework for all sites is designed for ease of growing the site as your business grows. Contact us to discuss your exact needs.

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