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We offer a complete array of digital marketing services. Let us work along side you in growing your business by getting the maximum results on a limited budget!

We Create Marketing Strategies Designed to Grow Your Business NOT Your Budget!

How can you grow your business? Where should you start? All questions we try to answer by creating a digital marketing strategy. We work with you to analyze your target audience and define your goals. We then create a plan that will be relevant to your potential customers and tailored to meet your goals.


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Website Design, Development & Maintenance

A website is the backbone of digital marketing for any business. Your website is the first impression most customers have of your business. Your website needs to concisely convey the mission of your business. It must be well designed, visually appealing, professional and functional. Your site is a reflection of your company and your products or services, ultimately our brand.

Website Design

Our designers will collaborate with you in creating a website from scratch or redesigning an existing website. We will utilize design elements, color palettes and typography that will best convey your message and represent your brand to your target audience.

Website Development

Our full-stack web developers will take your website design and actually program the site to your specifications. The developer takes your vision and makes it a digital reality. Many times our designer and developer are one in the same person streamlining this process.

Website Maintenance

All Websites need routine maintenance such as security updates, backups, review of site performance, content updates and SEO review. We include the first year maintenance with all new websites but are also available to perform regular mainenance on any website. Contact us for more information.

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SEO/Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is aimed at getting your website ranked higher in search engine results organically and locally. Organic SEO utilizes web strategy to target potential customers regardless of where they are in the world whereas local SEO targets a specific local audience and is designed to improve a small businesses performance in local searches.

Improve Your Site's SEO

We will review your current website and determine ways to improve your Google ranking so there are more visitors to your website. Many of these steps to improve traffic to your website can easily be accomplished by you whereas others you may need someone with more experience. We can work together to meet these objectives.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is free though  it can be tedious and time consuming to set up. It, however, will quickly improve your websites local visibility and increase quality website traffic. Contact us to help you navigate the process of setting up a Google Business Profile.

SEO Analytics/Metrics

SEO Metrics help you monitor and track the success of your SEO strategy and optimization efforts. Knowing which metrics are the most important to track, and which tools to use to help you track them can be overwhelming. We are available to help you get started with SEO Analytics.

Social Media

Social Media marketing is an effective way to reach out to your customers and prospective customers. Social media is free to use and is an excellent way to create brand awareness and recognition.  

Social Media Platforms & Strategies

With over 100 different social media platforms and over 4.5 billion people using social media worldwide, it is important that you choose a limited number of social media platforms that are most used by individuals that are in your target audience. Next you need to set goals for your content strategy. We are available to assist with all of these steps.

Social Media Content

Social Media content can be anything from written content, photography, graphics and videos for different social media platforms. Creating a social media calendar is the best way to organize your content. We are available to help you create original social media content, create calendars and/or just consult with you as you navigate this process. 

Social Media Analytics

Social Media analytics are critical to the success of any campaign. The data keeps you on track to achieve your goals. All social media platforms have their own built-in analytic tools, you just need to know how to interpret them. There are also other analytic tools that allow you to monitor multiple social media platforms on the same report. Let us help you not only achieve your social media goals but exceed them. 

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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a highly cost effective way to reach your ideal customer. Through search engine marketing advertising, display advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media advertising or other marketing strategies, your ads can effectively target the individuals most likely to want your services or products.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Before jumping into an advertising campaign, you first need to define your goals, determine your budget, do your audience research and choosing your platform(s). These steps are critical to the success of your advertising efforts. We are here to guide you and help with this process. 

Advertising Design/Content

Your advertising design should be a clear representation of your brand, your company’s products/services. It should quickly get someone’s attention, hook them in with relatable engaging visuals and content. Finally, but most importantly, it must contain a clear “Call to Action”. We are here to guide you through this process and have a design team available to help you.

Digital Advertising Analytics

It is vital to track the measurable results of your advertising campaign to understand its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. There are many analytical tools available, both free and paid, that are effective in analyzing your advertising campaigns. We can help you determine which will give you the information you need to run a successful advertising campaign that meets your goals and objectives. 

E-Mail & SMS Marketing

Email & SMS (short message service – text message) marketing are one of the most cost effective ways for a business to get their message to current or prospective custormers. It is a very affordable way to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness.

Email/SMS Marketing Campaigns

The three most important steps to creating an effective email or SMS marketing campaign are defining your target audience, establishing your goals and creating your email/SMS list. Most email and SMS marketing campaigns are processed through an email platform such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Zoho, etc. DMS Group, LLC is a Certified Constant Contact Partner but have worked with these other platforms. We are here to help you get started with an effective email or SMS marketing campaign. 

Email/SMS Content

Our content writers are available to assist you with developing and creating email and/or text message templates and content. Our writers can develop the content from your ideas or edit content created through AI (artificial intelligence). They also adhere to Best Practices Guidelins for both email and SMS which includes compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 

Email/SMS Analytics

All email/SMS platforms include reporting on the effectiveness of your campaigns such as open rates, bounce rate, clickthrough rate, conversion rate, etc. Also most platforms allow for A/B testing as a technique that allows you to simultaneously run two different versions of the your email campaign to check which email performs the best. We can assist you in interpreting the results of tracking these different metrics and making the necessary adjustments in your campaigns.

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Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing aims to create increased business recognition, get the attention of search engines to improve organic search rankings, improve website traffic, be informative and interesting to website visitors as well as engage the reader with the right call to action. Content writing is not limited to websites but also includes email campaigns, newsletters, digital advertisements and social media content. 

Content Writing Websites

Our content writers are available to assist with your website content, or just reviewing the content of your existing site. They will make suggestions that could improve keyword SEO techniques, thus improving organic search engine rankings.  Our writers follow SEO best practices and SEO content strategies. They are also available to review/edit any content created via artificial intelligence. 

Content Writing Projects

Our content writers are available to assist you with any writing projects no matter how small or how complex. They are happy to assist with email campaigns, blogs, regular newsletter content and/or design, social media campaigns, digital advertising, etc. Our content writers are actual individuals you will be working directly with, no artificial intelligence. However, they are familiar with editing/reviewing AI generated documents. 

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